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PSM Auditing workshop

PSM Auditing workshop

Course description :
This course introduces you to the auditing of the process safety management system that established according to the CCPS Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) Guidelines, that is described in the ISO 19011:2018, 2016 as well as the Guidelines for Auditing Process Safety Management Systems, 2010. 
– The course will help you audit a risk-based process safety management system that fits your company’s needs and resources. This in in addition to real examples on successful audit programs of the process safety systems.
– The attendees shall attend the CCPS Risk based process safety course and pass the course assessment prior attending this workshop.
– The attendees shall submit the requested CCPS Risk based process safety course assignment prior attending this workshop.


Learning Outcomes


  • Attendees will learn what is the PSM auditing, why is it important, where/ when is it done, and who does it.


  • Attendees will learn the principles of auditing, managing an audit program, and conducting an PSM audit.


  • Attendees will determine the competence and evaluation of auditors, how to establish auditor evaluation criteria, and maintain / improve auditor competence.


  • Attendees will obtain knowledge to determine how to maintain a dependable PSM audit practice, Conduct PSM audit work activities, and use audits to enhance RBPS effectiveness.


  • Attendees will determine how to conduct the PSM audit for all pillars and elements of the PSM system according to CCPS RBPS Guidelines.


  • Attendees will determine how to improve the effectiveness of the PSM audit program, set the appropriate performance metrics of PSM audit process.

Who Should take this Course

  • Those involved in auditing process safety management systems in your company including:

    • PS/QHSE auditors, process safety professionals, and process safety managers.
    • Candidates for the process safety diploma.

Course duration 30 hours instructor led course

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