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Amphion Operator Course

Amphion Operator Course

NOV Amphion control system course :
This course is designed for operators of the Amphion control system. The participants will gain practical knowledge of the system and practice its operation. The course will be conducted using state of the art of Amphion Process Controls.
Target Participants
The training is intended for operators and personnel involved directly with operation of this specific equipment.
Training Goals
The NOV Amphion Control System After completion, the participant will be able to:
– Explain & demonstrate use of the Amphion Control System diagnostics tools.
– Demonstrate troubleshooting of Amphion Chair and MTC Cabinet hardware.
– Describe & operate AMPHION process automation system.
– Demonstrate troubleshooting of drilling equipment.


This course includes the following:


  • Monitoring and Testing of Different Drilling Fluids Types

Day 2

  • Driving / Vehicles
  • H2S &
  • Hazardous Area

Day 3

  • Lifting &
  • Rig
  • Confined space

Day 4

  • HAZCHOM / Safe handling of drilling
  • Fire prevention &
  • HOT

Day 5

  • Fall
  • Electrical
  • Energy Isolation /

Day 6

Day 7

  • Mandatory safety
  • Rig Equipment

Day 8

  • Drilling Services Safety (Cementing / Wireline /Logging / Frac).
  • Incident
  • Emergency response Plan / Rig
  • Rig Filing System
  • Major incidents

Course Modules

  • Explain and demonstrate Amphion Chair hardware components configurations.
  • Explain MTC Cabinet hardware components.
  • Explain and demonstrate MTC Cabinet troubleshooting.
  • Explain the equipment’s function and use of controls and relevant displays.
  • Describe the different interlocks and relevant alarms in the control system.
  • Explain and demonstrate how to troubleshoot the system of the equipment’s.

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