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Working At Height

Working At Height

Target Audience :
This course is designed for anyone who routinely deals with instances of working at height. This includes those who undertake the work directly, including:
– employees
– contractors
– self-employed workers
as well as those with a responsibility towards those who work at height, such as:
– employers
– facilities managers
– building owners


Course Objective :
– Identify the hazards of working at height.
– Recognized the risk on working at height.
– Understand the working at height requirements and guideline.
– Able to manage risk control to prevent fall.
our expert instructors will ensure that delegates can demonstrate:
– A sound awareness of the risks and requirements involved
– Sound theoretical knowledge
– Practical experience of the relevant skills
– A thorough understanding of vital safety equipment


After successful completion of the course, delegates will :


  • Understand & show their commitment to the regulations


  • Understand the risks associated with working at height & how to prevent accident from happening


  • Understand the legal responsibilities that are placed on them and their employer.

Amongst the skills that candidates will develop are :

The ability to

accurately define height work

The ability to

spot and mitigate hazards in working at height

The ability to

carry out risk assessments and safety inspections with regards to working at height

The ability to

Successful planning and organization of jobs at height

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