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Scaffolding Safety

Scaffolding Safety

Course Overview:
This course is designed for Scaffold Inspectors, Scaffold Technicians, Construction Engineers, HSE Engineers, HSE Supervisors/Officers, and Construction Foremen & Supervisors. The purpose of this course is to provide scaffold erectors and scaffold users with the regulations, safety guidelines and procedures required to identify or eradicate those hazards in the field.


Learning Outcomes :
✓ Determine the specific safety rules and steps associated with the erection of frame, tube & clamp and system scaffolding.
✓ Identify the major items to consider when performing a scaffold inspection.
✓ Specify the general requirements for frame, tube & clamp, and system scaffolds.
✓ Determine the hazards associated during erection, dismantling, altering and using of scaffolds.
 ✓ Design and calculate the scaffold loads.


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