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Electrical Induction To Drilling

Electrical Induction To Drilling

Course Objective :
– This course is an illustration for the electrical Eng. Responabilities in a drilling rig.



To Whom This Course :
All Electrical engineer that want to join the drilling rigs.


Let`s Know More About Our Course Outlines

Main Drilling equipment

Section 1

  • Draw work
  • Top drive/ Rotary
  •  Mud pump
  • Mud System
  • (Shale shaker, Agitator, Degasser, Trip tank motor, Mud Mixing)
  •  BOP

Power House

Section 2

VFD & SCR House

Section 3


Section 4

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance.

Electric Safety

Section 5

  • Isolation system
  • Lockout/ Tag out
  • Alarm system & Paging system
  • CO2 firefighting system.
  • EX- Zones.

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