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Amphion System Electrical

Amphion System Electrical

Course Objective :
– NOV is one of the famous companies in the oil field, accordingly NOV system are widely used, one of this systems is the AMPHION system which control a complete drilling rig operation.
– Amphion system is used in new NOV rigs , either onshore or offshore rig.
– Amphion system is a complete integrated system that control and monitor all rig equipment and operations.
– Our target in this course to let the trainee understand the terminology of the AMPHION SYSTEM, and to understand how to deal with it.



To Whom This Course :
– This course is for rig electrical Eng. that are dealing with the Amphion system.
– Mainly this course is suitable for all electrical engineers deal with amphion system.


Let`s Know More About Our Course Outlines



  • what is amphion?
  • what is advantages of amphion?
  • what it the idea of communication?
  • how the system collect the data and processing?
  • amphion topology

Equipments and operation


  • what is available equipment valid with amphion?
  • How we operate each equipment ?
  • what is deffiraces between normal and maintenance modes
  • which parameters require operator calibration?
  • which parameters require technical calibration?
  • available interlocks



  • BC (single board computer)
  • Moxa switch
  • Wago  coupler
  • FO converters



  • how to restart SBC
  • how to restart Java
  • how to halt and power on SBC
  • what is software we use in amphion and main files?
  • how to backup and install verball ?
  • how we install and update Java
  • how to create CF image and burn it ?
  • what are procedures to replace SBC?



  • devices we use for communication
  • testing and ping devices in amphion network
  • IP map
  • how to configure and set IP for Moxa switch?
  • how to configure and set IP for Wago coupler

Debug monitor and I/O


  • wago modules classifications (inputs& outputs)
  • difference between C2C , DP , modbus ,net
  • monitoring values
  • modify values
  • technical calibration
  • common troubleshooting

Amphion schematics


  • how to trace signals ?

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