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PSM CCPS foundation course

PSM CCPS foundation course

Course description :
This course will introduce you to the CCPS Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) Management approach that is illustrated in the CCPS book Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety, 2007.  It covers the four pillars and twenty elements that define the structure for the RBPS approach.  The course will help you Define, understand, design, implement, and maintain a risk-based process safety management system that will fit your company’s needs and resources.
– You will learn the definition and importance of RBPS and learn the four pillars of RBPS. Key principles and essential features for each of the twenty elements that make up the pillars will be discussed.


What you will learn ? 
– Value the importance of Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) and how it fits into business success
– List the four pillars and 20 elements of RBPS and describe their interaction.
– Describe a RBPS management system that supports the culture, needs, and resources of your company.
– Apply the 20 elements of RBPS design to your workplace by utilizing the accepted methods and resources

The four pillars include

Commit to process safety


Understand hazards and risk


Manage risk


Learn from experience


Who Should take this Course

  • Those who are involved in designing, implementing and maintaining process safety management systems including:

    • PSM committees` members.
    • Process safety specialists and process safety managers

Course duration 30 hours instructor led course the course will be a five-day course

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