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Jacking system course

Jacking system course

Jacking system D88 baker marine
Leg arrangement (how to define leg )
– Power distribution for jacking motors
– Number of motor arrangements at each chord and total number for motors per leg
– Motor name plate and protection of motor
– Connection of motor and safety devices
– Jacking gear boxes and adjustment of PLMS sensor
– How to fill and drain oil for jacking gear box
– Brake manual release and operation with one defective motor
– Leg mcc components and function of each element
– Jacking control console and how is it connected to mcc
– RPD function and how to measure RPD
– Adjustment for RPD sensors
– OEM recommendations for PM and troubleshooting from practical experience


Water maker and sewage plant

Water maker


  • Specifications & construction
  • Start-up & operation
  • Trouble shooting
  • Service & maintenance
  • Chemical cleaning

Sewage plant


  • system construction
  • function vent lines
  • ejector pump and blowers
  • troubleshooting and service

Course duration

  • Three consecutive days (16.5 hours )

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