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Basic mud School 

Basic mud School 

Course Objective :
Basic mud school course mainly aims to provide participants with the basics and fundamentals of the drilling fluid (Mud) engineering concepts, theories and fundamentals to enable them to operate the drilling fluids at rig site in means of preparation, mixing and treatment and to comply and adjust the mud parameters as per programs, client requests and wellbore hole condition needs. The course covers the drilling fluids functions, monitoring and testing, basic chemistry and main drilling fluids properties. Upon completion of this course, participants are expected to gain a solid understanding of the principals of using the mud for drilling wells and get familiar with the drilling fluids system handling and get capable to find the proper treatment of the drilling fluids against mud contaminant.


Course Structure :
We recommend personnel in the following positions should attend the appropriate level of training and assessment:
– Drilling Engineers
– Drilling Supervisors
– Production Engineers
– Drilling Fluid Supervisors
– Drilling Fluid Superintendents


This course includes the following:

Course Content


  • Functions of Drilling Fluids and Monitoring and Testing of Drilling Fluids


  • Basic Chemistry, Clay Chemistry, Mud Contaminant, and Polymer Fluids


  • Rheology, Shear Stress-Shear Rate, and Hole Cleaning


  • Filtration Control


  • WBM and OBM Mud Retort Analysis


  • Solid Control

The basic mud school training course must be a minimum 80 hours excluding examination time.

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